Local & independent shopping.

Many consumers have now opted to turn away from online shopping from their devices and visiting chain stores, preferring instead to shop within their local community.

We are taking a look at why consumers are reverting back to the ‘good old days’ of shopping locally. Why does shopping in local independent shops benefit us, our community, our economy and our planet?

6 beneficial reasons

Read on for the beneficial reasons why people love to shop locally.

The personal touch

Shopping locally allows you to interact with the people who have worked directly with the suppliers, grown the produce or made the products themselves.

Local businesses are more likely to go the extra mile for their customers when it comes to providing firsthand information, expertise and a personal touch as they are more specialised in the products or services they are selling.

A sense of community

Independent businesses are often run by local people. Their shops are usually in keeping with the personality of the area as they care about the community.

This generates a touch of warmth to the soul when you pass by the shop window or step through the door to a welcoming “hello, how are you?”

Wholesome & fresh produce

Farm shops, greengrocers and local farmers’ markets sell produce such as fruit, vegetables, eggs, meat and bread, that in most cases will be organic.

The transportation and distance travelled is greatly improved compared to supermarket chains. This means that the food you buy is of higher quality, fresher and more nutritious for you and your family.

An impact on the environment

Choosing to shop locally is a healthier and more eco-friendly way to shop as you are more likely to walk or cycle to get your goods rather than take a long drive in the car.

This helps to reduce traffic, pollution and therefore improve the quality of the air around us all.

One of a kind

Independent shops and local boutiques are fantastic for finding something original and individual.

They are unlikely to stock many mass-produced items, instead focusing on unique and quirky artisanal pieces made in small batches for you to treasure at home or gift to a loved one.

The local economy

You can help to ensure a strong and sustainable economy by shopping locally. By supporting a local business, you are supporting your community.

According to a study from the Federation of Small Businesses, spending with small businesses can double the money going back into the local economy. More jobs will also be created in your area and your community will thrive.