Human resources

Staying on top of HR, staff wellbeing and the latest employee legislation can be hard when you are busy running your business. We have pulled together some useful guides, consultancies and online solutions to help manage your HR requirements.

We only list the best providers on our resourcing pages to help you understand the options and find the best one for your business.


ADP HR services range from simple templates and call centres for everyday questions, to long-term HR consulting engagements related to mergers, acquisitions and reorganisations.


Bamboo collects and organizes all the information you gather through employee life cycles, then helps you manage it. Whether you’re hiring, onboarding, preparing compensation, or building culture, BambooHR is here to help.


Namely targets mid-sized companies, which it defines as anything from 15 employees to a few thousand. So, it may not be ideal for a true micro-business, but it’s a great option if you have ambitious growth plans and want a solution that is very scalable.

Bespoke HR

Bespoke HR was established in 2005 by Alison King to provide flexible HR advice and guidance. We work with hundreds of clients across a range of industries ranging from healthcare, hospitality and finance to media, manufacturing and IT.

Citrus HR

Our refreshingly personal HR support service will get your contracts and policies sorted, and be there to steer you through any HR issues you face while running your business.

Employers Direct

Employers Direct offer Free HR assistance and support to employers. They offer a free advice service, white-labelled standard employment documents and full representation in an employment tribunal.


With Gusto, you can convert your whole recruitment process into a more efficient, paperless process. You can send out offer letters to new employees, get them onboarded, have them sign up for benefits and payroll, and more.


Hibob solves your HR Needs of Businesses Through Better People Management Software. Advanced Reports, Time Management, Performance & Benefits. Schedule a Free Demo. All your HR in one place.