Business Improvement Districts.

Let's work together.

We know that BIDs play an important role in increasing footfall, improving staff retention, reducing business costs, promoting your trading area and assisting in dealing with the Council, Police and other public bodies.

For Shopli it’s important to us that we have a close working relationship with every BID across the UK in supporting that connection between consumers and our independent businesses.

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A powerful platform.

We know that many consumers have now opted to turn away from online shopping from their devices and visiting chain stores, preferring instead to shop within their local community.

So how do consumers know where to shop? that’s where Shopli plays an important roles, as the largest directory for of independents across the UK, consumers can explore Shopli to discover new and exciting businesses local to them.

We would appreciate the opportunity to schedule a meeting to discuss how we can work together for your levy payers? You could, for instance, endorse our FREE Shopli membership, offer an exclusive discount code for our Shopli PLUS Membership, or even simply discuss Shopli with your levy payers.

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